Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are changing our world one coin at time.  InCryptt can help you be a part of this world-changing technology and adopt it . We are focused in helping the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems succeed

InCryptt mixes technical expertise along with financial literacy to provide advisory and consulting to our clients. The ever changing Blockchain and crypto landscape needs continuous updates and follow ups. Our research oriented abilities allows us to navigate through the knowledge challenges with ease.

We offer advisory an consulting in association with our global associates who are experts in crypto and blockchain technologies.

We work closely with some Blockchain and Crypto start-ups and businesses in providing the services listed below. 


Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining is an essential component of the Crypto universe. It is basically an accounting process which does a three-fold job.

  1. Verify and validate crypto transactions on a distributed network
  2. Protect the network from malicious participants
  3. Issuance of currency as a reward

All cryptocurrencies / assets cannot be mined. According to coinmarketcap, just about 400 of the tokens listed can be mined. However not all mineable coins or tokens are economically viable. 

At InCryptt we help you set up a mining farm with the best of intentions to earn the highest profits. 



ICO / STO Consulting

Initial Coin Offerings and now Security Token Offering, have now become the go to medium for fund generation.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is now being used by many startups for raising working and expansion capital. During an ICO campaign, the proponent of the ICO pledges a percentage of the cryptocurrency to early backers of their project in exchange for a a fiat or crypto currencies.

We are a quality driven set of professionals. The responsibility of your funds is huge and hence we leave no stone unturned to get the best out of the knowledge driven economy.


Blockchain Consulting

Are your considering a Blockchain based business solution or Decentralized Application (DApp) for your firm?  Or looking forward to implementing 

We can take you through the process by providing a full-service complete and practical Blockchain development and business solution. 

We can provide you with the understanding and tools necessary to create and implement blockchain solutions.


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